Friday, 17 February 2012

"Things to do before 30" - The adventure List!

After a little research and some frightening tales from my "new parent" friends I decided enough was enough. I may not have instructions for this 20-something adventure but by gum I'm certainly not going to stand around waiting to die*.

*turn 30.

So I've decided to do what many other organised, motivated and procrastinating folk would do and make a list of all the things I want to do before I turn 30. It seems there are many other bloggers out there who have done the same and had amazing success and an even better time so, here I go! Enthusiastic and with a very quiet Friday night ahead of me.

I've started the list off with some of the more predictable ideas:

Learn wine tasting
Choose a religion (and try to stick to it)
Learn a foreign language
Visit Amsterdam (for the museums, art and culture obviously!)
Do a charity sporting event
Buy a car/house/pet (I still drive around in the tin can "hand-me-down" I passed in and park it on my parents driveway)

I want my list to really reflect me and include some of the things I've dreamed about; not just the things offered to you on an 18-30's holiday, so to the ...

Live in a foreign country - even just for a short while
Quit my job and try doing something I love (this one scares me even as I type it)
Perform one of my songs at a real gig (not just to my friend Lee when drunk)
Start a business venture - even in these bad financial times

I'm still adding to the list now but am making a start ticking things off as I go.

I'll be updating on my progress but as an 80's glam rock band once said:

"I've made up my mind,
I ain't wasting no more time
Here I go again!"
- Whitesnake, Here I go again.



  1. Well my race number arrived today for the London to Southend cycle for the British Heart Foundation... looks like I'm actually doing this then... *gulp*

  2. lol omg how exciting =D I have a list too named before the 30s come rollin in lol


    1. *

  3. Ooo your list sounds way more interesting than mine! Maybe I should type one up, so far its just a list of mental thoughts haha :) I do like the idea of live in a foreign country. Btw thanks for teh follow x

  4. Hey Gracie! Great blog and I think everyone should have one - who says teenagers get to have all the fun! 20somethings have more money anyway! ;) x

  5. Hannanah get typing and share that list! :) I'm still adding to mine everytime someone tells me what they did but at least I'll have done a few of them by 30 (hopefully!) I'm so busy trying to plan I'm going to have to add "weekly duvet day" to the list just for recovery! (that will prob be due to all the wine tasting ;) x


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