Thursday, 12 July 2012


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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

"Spoilt" vs "Paying your own way"

I've had to decide over the last couple of days whether to write a post about a scenario that happened this week or just call it a "bad day" and leave it there, but I can't shift it from my thoughts and so for that reason I must get it off of my "literary chest".

"Spoilt" vs "Paying your own way".

For those who may not know I've got a full time office job (home based but a 9-5 job none the less), I work as a freestyle hairdresser in the evenings and weekends and am currently saving every penny I have for half the deposit of our future home.

If the tiara fits?
I am very lucky to have a thoughtful, clever and funny boyfriend and he is in a similar financial position; ambitious, on the first few rungs of the career ladder and saving. He is also welcoming of my modern feminist stance on "going dutch" and can very rarely afford to treat me like a princess even if I wanted him to. 

I love shopping and going to the pub with my friends on pay day but still drive around in my first car, live at home with my Mum and still recycle my old faithful summer/winter wardrobe.

Alas, this week somebody very close to me said I was "Spoilt" because the money I have left over from bills is normally spend on myself.

As a twenty-something in 2012 I don't have the responsibility that others do- children, a mortgage or debt (other than student loans) so I've been making the most of being utterly selfish (with a huge list of demands before 30) whilst I can. However, I fund this ALL myself.

As a woman who earns her own money, pays her way, goes dutch on dates with her boyfriend and has been saving for the future for what seems like forever, being called "Spoilt" feels like a step back for equality; like we can fight to have it all like men do, as long as we don't flaunt it?

Gone are the days when men had to buy us a home or put food on the table and I for one am all for the new age as it means I get buying power and can be proud of what I've earned whether it's shoes, a house or a holiday with the girls!

It's my money and I'll spend it if I want to

Does being "spoilt" depend on what you bought? Who bought it? Whether it was a treat for yourself or a necessity to survive?

What is the difference being "spoilt" and just paying your own way?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

30 before 30: Write a book

It's often said that every Journalist is writing a book (with very few finishing) and whilst my professional writing jobs have been few and far between the desire to put pen to "fictional genre" paper has been snowballing.

Whether it's like playing music; your inspiration seems to be overflowing whenever you're going through a miserable time or because you get to a certain age and feel that your experiences need laying to rest before you start to live the rest of your life, I don't really know.

Knowing a few people who have endured the personal struggle that is writing a novel I begin to appreciate how it's probably going to take over my life and eventually I'll be the only one who reads it; but like with the remainder of my 30 before 30 list I am naively determined.

As I am going to start to think about putting some ideas down I thought I'd share some of my favourite/memorable reads; not because they are popular but because I really like them! (This list is very big so may be added to at a later date).

A must read for every woman

Bryson is the perfect travel read!

Daring poetry

Brilliantly written - don't watch it!

For anyone who has ever felt they didn't fit in

Beautiful book for Hemmingway fans

A chilling read

His and her authors, deliciously sweet

Just because.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Amsterdam - Bikes, Boobs and blurred vision

Let's not beat around the bush. Amsterdam was on the "30 before 30 list" for the same reason that Vegas is on every "lad's" stag weekend list. You get to do all the things you would never dare to and without any of the repercussions (and I had a Birthday to celebrate!)

Miss Sensible and Captain Pac-a-mac were off to let their hair down and try to make it back to England in one piece...

 I had Birthday bubbles, chocolates and gifts delivered to the hotel :) - Yes they are tickets to the Burlesque show, as if the Amsterdam boobies weren't enough!!

We learnt that Amsterdam has some amazing bakeries and a "Condomerie" in between them.

We had a city tour (500+ BF points, obvs) Apologies to all the men getting an earful from their missus' that THEY didn't think of that:

We saw the smallest house in Amsterdam. 

He ate yummy things like this:

We learnt the difference between a Coffee Shop and a Cafe and to avoid any confusion there IS a big difference.

We got drunk with the Bulldog Cafe staff (and somehow ended up BEHIND the bar) (Yes this was about 6:00pm):

I was very excited about all the bikes thanks to Mikes Bike Tours:

The locals weren't shy (cheers mate!):

We found out about music venues like this:

We ate a LOT of cheese! (Certified cheese tasters now - get us!)

... and supped more wine! 

We saw lots of beautiful sights like this:

He rode a bike called: (not a euphemism)

We went to the Sex Museum to see the "art":

We drank our way around Dam Square:

We tasted some of the local "baked goods" and don't remember much after (red eyes? Try no eyes!) The chocolate brownies are the yummiest and funniest apparently:

And then we recovered the only way you should:

We saw some red light ladies, some red light boys and some things I don't know how to describe to you. (2euros and you can have a "Peep" yourself!)

 It took a while for the sound of the acrylic nails tapping on the glass to stop ringing in my ears and for me to stop staring as the curtains fling open to reveal a very shocked man in the window hurrying to pull his pants back on!

Smile buddy, you're famous!

So to conclude... all those things you hear about Amsterdam are absolutely TRUE!

Good times and a bloody good Birthday!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

30 before 30: Pulling an all-nighter

Just a short post for today as my bruised ego and my pounding head are too much to contend with on no sleep.

I endured a wine fuelled all-nighter last night with just a few glasses of water and a porcelain pillow in a tiled bathroom to aid me in the twilight hours.

It wasn't the MADchester rave that I remember from uni days, I wasn't discussing who was better (Stone or Beatles) with new friends smoking pipes at the back of a smoky bar and I didn't fall asleep to the sounds of Dylan whilst crashing at a friends loft apartment.

It seems that times and I have changed.

It's not big and it's certainly not clever and nearly 24hours on and I think I might need to call myself an ambulance.

The kids can keep their binge sessions; this twenty-something is out!