Wednesday, 12 September 2012

30 Before 30: Camp in a tent (high five for hats!) Postdated!!

It has been a little while since my last post and for that I must apologise. I have no dramatic or personal excuse other than "life" itself and all it's petty distractions.

During my time away though I have unknowingly ticked off one of my "30 before 30" challenges which is "Camp in a tent". Now before people who know me compose an angry response and tell me it's not "real" camping at a festival if you're not making your own fire and wiping your bottom on a leaf, let me assure you that it poses challenge enough for me to camp in any form.

I like to think I can be chilled out (when required), that I love music festivals, my friends and especially the sunshine so combining them should be a winner from the outset; BUT I DESPISE CAMPING. This isn't some Essex Princess rant about needing to be constantly pampered (Boyfriend manages to ground me/put me in my place on a regular basis) or that I'm just being awkward I just can't grasp why, unless absolutely necessary, someone would want to sleep in a tent?

Fast forward to Boyfriend, family and thousands of other Essex drunkards heading to V festival for a mixture of pop and grime in equal measure whilst those waiting for Noel Gallagher and Tom Jones get sloshed on the floor surrounding by teenagers! Hurrah for not caring anymore!

So I hope the following images will show that after a day of sunshine, approx 12 pints of your finest own brand cider and little more to eat than some doughnuts and a box of chow mein even the most critical "hotel" people can become the happiest camper EVER!

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