Monday, 17 September 2012

Royal scandal #2: Topless Kate Middleton Photos

Our regal Royals are drowning the tabloids again. Maybe not the British rags but the scandal is still out "there". The next morning after the news about Kate Middleton broke I don't think any of us had to look very far to find the link to "those" topless photos of Princess Kate Middleton on holiday with her new Husband Prince William.

Immediate reactions were naturally inquisitive, some vulgar, a few found it hilarious that a Royal was naked so soon after Prince Harry's Vegas exposure and one person I spoke to simply said it was "very sad".

Under normal celebrity circumstances I would scoff at the desperate attempt at a badly veiled "surprise" money shot but this left me feeling a little uncomfortable. I don't profess to be a Royalist; nowhere near in fact but I am a woman and I just felt very sorry for Kate Middleton and angry that the French magazine disregarded the mutual understanding of Royal privacy after the tragic loss of Princess Diana.

Kate is not as highly regarded internationally as Diana (although that may change) and I'm not attempting to compare the two but lessons could have been learnt about what's required of a Royal (former or current) as part of their public duties in exchange for stolen moments of privacy that are off limits to the press.

Neither Kate or William surrendered their legal rights when holidaying at Lord Linley's French Chateau so they have every right to challenge the publication due to it's tidal wave of repercussions for both them, their families and the representation of the British Government internationally.

These photographs did not uncover a scandal, they did not right a wrong or act as judge for a crime committed by anyone involved but exposed an intimate moment between newly weds for which we all hold guilt for our part in the staining of Kate's reputation.

Please don't think I'm a prude and that seeing a topless shot will make me think any less of our new Princess because it doesn't but on a personal note I appreciate how private and special certain parts of a relationship and character can be and for a media company to rob that is unforgivable.

As we move forward into a digital age where citizens are the journalists and ownership of images and words becomes blurred and irrelevant it's only a matter of time before we are all exposed to some extent.

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