Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Awesome Autumn - breathe a sigh of relief, it's cosy nights from here on in!

For those that don't know me well (or at all - hello new friends!) they will be very aware that like badgers in the dark and Gremlins after a dip I can go a bit crazy for Autumn! I thought I'd take a second to note down my ideas before I explode in a whirlwind of finding my gloves and looking for cooking apples to bake!

Whether it's because I love to wear as many layers as possible, because I adore hot chocolate, cinnamon, leaves on the ground and boots that go with everything OR just because it brings us a season closer to Christmas I don't know BUT I simply do love this season. J'adore l'Automne!

Now the sun has gone (was it ever here at all?), cosy nights are drawing in and we're planning cheeky nights with friends and dirty takeaways rather than long cider filled days I seem to change my lifestyle to suit the cold.

I have to say goodbye to my favourite reading spot now the clouds are rolling in and it's getting bloody freezing on those iron seats!

My secret thinking/reading/writing spot
 looks a little sad

Meanwhile, I shall be curled up on the sofa with a steaming mug of hot chocolate in my ski socks and an enormous knitted jumper, determined to get through the following before it's time to start watching Christmas films!


  • The Hypnotist - Lars Kepler
  • Sweet Tooth - Ian McEwan
  • "Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story - Various

  • Anna Karenina
  • Les Miserable
  • Raaz 3
  • The Thick of It 
  • New Girl
  • Winners and Losers

The breathtaking Olivia Palermo 
Another of my Autumn treats is to pour over the glossy leaves of some of my favourite magazines in search of the perfect coat, knit, boots, dress and early ideas for the "hard to buy for"s. Shallow? Possibly! Deliciously self indulgent? Of course. Whilst I'm not a slave to trends it's exciting to see a fashion shakeup and why not? It's a new season and a new chance to play dress up! When I'm not rocking some kind of striped top with coloured skinny jeans I shall be sampling a little of the following:

Autumnal highlights:
Brocade - think glitz, gold, silver, vintage flock, threaded silks, rich materials and beaded and gilded from head to toe
Gothic - Beaded, lacy, leather and suede, blacks and greys with spikes and chains and belts
Heritage - More of a standard Autumn/Winter trend but with Downton as an influence it's more gentry than farmyard
Peplum - As a woman of curves, meat on her bones and a desire to hide rather than attract the eyes to my middle I shall be in search for the forgiving Peplum!

This year's A/W trends suggest I will again have trouble pulling off my much loved "Cat" jumper for the 3rd year running...thankfully for the Boyfriend, I'm sure.

Lastly although not least of the things I have planned for my first official day of Autumn (or the first that I've stopped wearing flip flops on) are these. I don't believe they need anymore introduction. And, you're welcome.

Taken from BBC Website from the glorious Lorraine Pascale


  1. Thank you for your kind comment, I think it makes you less of a 'terrible blog friend'! Especially with your promise of virtual Gingerbread Pancakes, mmmm.
    Your comment about the ratio of guacamole to tortilla made me smile!
    And this blog post has won Autumn over for me, although as I said, I was getting there anyway :) X

  2. I forgot to ask, are you going to watch the new 'Anna Karenina' film? I saw it only yesterday, let me know what you think! X

  3. I haven't found a cinema friend to go to see it with yet so may fly solo; wouldn't be the first time. I've heard mixed reviews but was really excited to see it so will go with an open mind.

    It will do for now until the Great Gatsby comes out!! Dream Fashion/cast/decade... :) x


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