Tuesday, 18 September 2012

30 before 30: Learn to dance - ballroom, ballet or hip hop?

When I deciding I want to learn to dance I didn't anticipate that it would be so difficult, so expensive and quite so embarrassing!

In theory, I wanted to emerge from my twenty-something cocoon like a cross between Ballet Beauty Darcey Bussell and Strictly Come Dancing's lush Latina Flavia Cacace whilst still being able to do a pretty good "Thriller" should the opportunity present itself. It seems I may have set the bar (barre) too high in wanting to learn to dance and I'm heading for a Napoleon Dynamite tribute act.

See example 1:

And even he made it look good in the end!!

I feel I may have missed the boat and if I leave it any longer I may do more damage than good - physically and socially! At 27 can I honestly join a hip hop class or sign up for the ballet class I left when I was 6?

The point of the 30 before 30 list was to do the things I've missed out on them whilst I can get away with it so the selfish, twenty-something me is going to bloody well learn to dance.

Now that Strictly Come Dancing is back on the TV I'll again start moaning to the Boyfriend that I want to dance like they did during wartime. Swtiching from Waltz to Foxtrot with a cheeky Swing Dance and then a Quick step. Like they would never see each other again; gazing into each others eyes in a tornado of sequins, kiss curls and sweetheart romance. Whilst we've tried to strut our stuff at weddings there's only so much shuffling you can do before you're found out as a fraud.

Another option is to go back to mirrors and tights and bleeding toes just with the added pressure of cellulite by taking up an adult Ballet class. (Do they actually exist?) I'm not delusional thinking that my Prima Ballerina  Dreams are within reach but something like this from "Centre Stage" would be an achievement:

Finally, and this is probably what I'm secretly hoping to do is the type of dancing that anyone who knows me would not ever think me capable of doing is Hip Hop or Commercial Dance. Even typing it makes me cringe a little as I'm about as "street" as Mary Berry and have never owned joggers or listened to NWA. The attraction is simply the fact that it is so far from what I would normally do. So in tribute to my 30 before 30 list maybe that's exactly why this is the perfect choice:

So there are the options; I don't know whether to try all three and see how I go but I know it's going to be one thing ticked off of the list. To say I tried it, I smiled and I danced like no one was watching.

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