Thursday, 13 September 2012

Letters to Cleo - An experiment

I've watched an awful lot of Downton Abbey over the last couple of days and I think it's getting to me. Whilst I don't want to ride horses to the next village or pretend that I care about falconry displays I would love to receive something exciting, secret or special in the post and hate that news from an old friend seems to always be in a Facebook wall post or text message. I suppose it's a bit quaint and clinging onto the dark ages but there's something very personal and delicious about opening up a letter from a friend that they've taken the time to write and send to you.

When I was at University my best friends and I used to write to each other and I can honestly say that during the worst home sick days they made me laugh, smile and feel like we were in each others thoughts despite being at opposite ends of the country.

I can't even remember the last time I had a handwritten letter sent to me and the last time I wrote one was to change car insurance and my hand was numb after the 2nd sentence! I'm not expecting delicate little notes to be passed to me on a silver tray by "Carson" but I do want to see if sending a letter to a friend still makes someone smile AND if it encourages them to write back. If I can incorporate any of my 30 list into the conversation too for help in reaching my ever nearing goal then I shall try as I'm not much nearer at all!

So, I'm going to post 10 letters to friends old and new, near and far and hope to bring them a smile. If any of them write back then I'll consider it a happy bonus!

First challenge, find out their address! How awfully 21st century that I don't even know my friends house numbers...

My new writing set - who knew they still made these?!

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