Saturday, 15 September 2012

Reflections: The dreaded D&M

It's Saturday night and I'm in by myself for the first time in a very long time. The Mister has a cycle race tomorrow so is staying away as it's an early start. I really don't function well by myself; I find it's almost a waste of time that I could be seeing and chatting to people. It's strange being alone with your thoughts as it feels sometimes like your brain can't stop going over; or maybe that's just me?

So I've decided to get started with my letters and make the most of the quiet. I'm not sure I have many exciting things to share but I'll try my best to tell those people that I miss them and what it is about them that makes me smile.

I'm listening to the Garden State soundtrack and a little Elliott Smith. Maybe that's not helpful in making my mind stop thinking about things as the film itself leaves me a little vulnerable about mortality. This isn't meant to be a depressing post; more of a reflection that sometimes in moments of quiet the drama and pretence is gone and you can see things with a little clarity.

Goodnight to anyone that is reading this; I hope you savour that delicious moment of alone time as rare as it may be.

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